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OFC Dortmund Is A Fan Club Located In The Benin Republic

Football is associated with passion, emotion, excitement and dedication across Africa, Europe, America, Asia and other continents. References to extreme emotional experiences at football games characterized all aspects of discussions with fans.


A Blend of Passion And Excitement

Football is our #1 Passion

About Us

We are proud supporters of Dortmund Football Club in Germany.

What defines a fan? To be a ‘true’ fan requires the ‘living’ experience of football. It is not about being a mere spectator – it is about being a participant. Match attendance is a given, of course but there is also a duty to engage emotionally in the life of the team in order to impact positively on a team’s performance. 

OFC Dortmund Benin describe ourselves as the ‘ twelfth man’ as essential to the success of the team as the players and coaching staff. It is the actions performed by fans during the game- the ritual chants, song, banner waving etc. that motivates the team, intimidate the opposition’s supporters. The fans truly believe they must watch their games and support their team to win.

In addition to their passions, pre and post game rituals are important in creating a sense of community among fans. From meeting up with other fans for a drink before and after the game to the orchestrated coordination of fabric squares to make up a large banner, rituals foster a strong sense of belonging to the fan group. What might otherwise be a forgettable everyday action become as meaningful and important to fans as, say, a church mass, and generate powerful bonds. The rituals often have a superstitious quality- wearing the same ‘lucky’ shirt to every game or following the same routine during the build-up even eating two pies just before the kick-off because that made the team won last time.

In Benin Republic where crazy lovers of football have grown to the zenith, where the presence of drummers increase after their teams win matches,

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BVD fan club

We are registered

BVD fan club has a strong passions and emotions that are associated with the game and the positive role that being a true fan plays in the lives of their clubs.

We are registered as the official BVB fan club in Republic of Benin